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March 19, 2009
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Gladus Tite - Micro Hero WIP by CorranFett Gladus Tite - Micro Hero WIP by CorranFett
Yes, that's right, good old Gladus Tite in Micro Heroes size... :D

The amazing work of :iconspectorknight: and :iconzeroresolution: inspired me to do this. Both of them are really skilled in bringing life to SW characters--both original and canon (and also other non-SW characters)--in Micro size, with really astonishing detail. All their works are so cool, I felt like "hey, I oughta give it a try, can't be so hard..."

Well, even this piece took me a good 3-4 hours, I think, and you have to consider that it's mostly a photomanipulation or collage... apart from the two belts for the swords, the pistol-holster and parts of the kama, I didn't actually draw anything myself. Most parts are from the awesome Micro Mandos created by Or'din Dhaka'ra on the Mandalorian Mercs forum. Also a few parts, like the head and hair, for example, are from templates from the Micro Heroes International board. Basically, I just frankensteined this micro of Gladus, so to say, only chaning colors and markings and rearranging a few things. ;P

Still, it was great fun to make this, and I think I can promise you to expect more in the future. ;)

Also, credit goes to *Kuk-Man for the original design of Gladus's armor.
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Cool dude. Well done. I could never draw pixel-art like that. I have no patience :P

Still waiting for that piece you asked me for? Yeah, I'm sorry about that - but I'm busy as hell right now. I haven't had a decent update since last summer. Hope you're doing well :)
Thanks. :D Yeah, it really is damn time-consuming. But great fun, too. :D

Actually, no, haven't been waiting for that request. I've been taking a break from DA and all things SW for the last few months, dropped out about the time you did. ;P So, hadn't you reminded me now, I would have totally forgotten about that.^^ But don't worry, I can more than understand being busy with other stuff. ;)

Still, it'd be awesome to see something new from you as well. :horns: Keep it up.
These "figures" make me smile because I always imagine a little horse for them to ride, seeing their awkwardly parted legs ;P

I recognize the designs and gear there, it's nice.
Yeah, the legs do look a bit awkward, but then again, straight legs would look really lame. Maybe I'll draw up a little mule for him to ride on. ;P

And thanks.
That's some really sweet work, especially for your first micro. who can we expect to see next? :)
Thanks, Master! :D

I guess next up is Ayden Stone. ;) Then either Ronan or Altair. This is FUN, hehe.
I've been having fun with them for about five year's now, and I look forward to your next update. :)
Well I gotta say that even with borrowing pieces he looks really cool. And the face is very close to all the art I've seen of him. For a first micro its fantastic. Keep them coming. :D
Vor'e! :D

Glad you like it. Means a lot coming from such experienced artists such as yourself and your brother. :)

Yeah, I tried to make him as detailed as possible. I tried various templates for his face and hair, until I finally found something neat-looking... then I added grey spots to his hair. It's quite amazing how much detail you can squeeze into such a small sized artwork. :horns:
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