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October 28, 2006
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Gladus Tite, Mandalorian -inks by CorranFett Gladus Tite, Mandalorian -inks by CorranFett
Alright, this is my second try at inking, this time done via CS2 and the awesome Pen Tool. It took me hours and hours of work, but I think it's really worth it and I'm really content with what it looks like, now.

The pencils were a requested piece by the great :iconkuk-man:, and now I inked this in order to color it later.

The character Gladus Tite is from my Star Wars Fanfiction Saga Rage of the Shadow Warriors and was already featured in this deviation by me: [link]

If you want to find out more about this Mandalorian highly skilled in swordfighting, check out my 'fic. ;)

Pencils by *Kuk-Man
Inks by ~CorranFett

Star Wars and its characters are by Lucasfilm Ltd. and George Lucas, but the character Gladus Tite is my "property".
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Qymaen Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2008
very, very good picture :)
CorranFett Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2008
Thanks. :D All credit goes to Kuk-Man, though, for the splendid drawing. :)
CrazyInsaneJess Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2007
O_O Such clean line art, how did you do that!! Great job! Love it!
CorranFett Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2007
Thank you! And thanks for the fav, too. :)

I used the Pen-Tool in Photoshop... you don't actually draw it, that's the trick. ;)
CrazyInsaneJess Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2007
Huh... wish I had photoshop, lol.
ShadowbladeRavyn Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2006  Professional Writer
That's really good. Chuck the blasters and ante up with swords. Cool.

Are those vibroblades or just katanas?
CorranFett Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2006
Thanks. No katanas in SW, lol... but not vibroblades, either... old, traditional swords, called beskad in Mando'a, out of pure Mandalorian iron
Kuk-Man Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Looking good, vode!
I can't wait to see color on him.

Laubi, you have to figure that the NJO-era Mandos are gadget-laden like Boba. They have come a long way since the Sith War. They did not even start with wrist-gadgets until Ordo became Mandalore.

The 'modern' mandos would be trained in ALL aspects of fighting but would eventually become specialists in a given field. So a guy could use swords all he could, the pistol would only be a back-up. The energy canon on the right arm is for forced-entry situations.

Even Snake Eyes carries an uzi, and EVERYBODY knows what a bad-*** ninja he is, lol!

Oh, and CF- thanks for the link!
Laubi Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2006
you know what I mean....
Laubi Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2006
pah... lightsabers.... not for a mando...
well, I don't even like "normal" swords on mandos...

imho mandos should wear blasters or only fight with their fists...
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